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Do you have an insurance claim?
Has your property been damaged?

Atlas Global Claims Adjusters has a team of experts that have years experience in their specialized fields. We handle all claim types, including:

We will be happy to meet with you, inspect your property, discuss your coverage, and provide you with our professional advice with no obligation.

There are NO upfront fees.

We get paid only when you get paid by the insurance company.

When a disaster happens, most individuals believe that their insurance company will be there to help. Unfortunately, help is often too little too late. Published reports show that insurance companies routinely delay the claims process and underpay claims.

Policyholders trust that their insurance company's representatives are there to protect them. However, this trust is misplaced as the carrier's agents, adjusters and field specialists are there to protect the financial interest of their employer - the insurance company. In fact, these companies often employ teams of people to protect their financial interests and minimize exposure to claims.

Our job as your public adjuster is to level the playing field and to protect your financial interest. Atlas Global Claims adjusters will aggressively fight to ensure that your claim is paid in full.